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PostSubject: CLAN RULES   CLAN RULES Icon_minitimeSun Jul 03, 2011 12:04 pm

¨ˆºˆ¨¨ˆº¨ˆº•Clan[/size] Rules•ºˆ¨ºˆ¨¨ˆºˆ¨

1. Follow all JAGEX rules.
2. RESPECT every clan member no matter what their rank is!
3. No MULTI Clans.
4. Be ACTIVE as much as possible. (Events are the best way to be active and meet new members).
5. Be LOYAL, and have FUN.
6. Stay in our chat as much as possible.
7. Do not LIE, if you don't want to share information then just don't make somthing up.
8. Do not "RUB in others face" for drops or items you recive/buy. You're allowed to show them off but please do not lie about the item/how you recived it or rub it in other people's faces.


Discipline is not only recommended in a clan, but to form a good clan it is essential!
This clan is built upon respect and moderation. NO ONE is allowed to be rude to others, especially in our clan chat. If you experience trouble or an argument with a fellow clan member, please take it up with a council+ rank. If you chose to reply back and continue the argument then action will be taken not only upon the person who is responsible for starting the argument, but also the person(s) continuing it.
To resolve arguments, we encourage you to file a complaint on our offsite forum! OR simply tell a council. It is recommended to speak with a council+ rank first before taking the next step, which is too file a complaint on our forum.


To warn our members if rules are being broken or chaos is occurring, there will be a 4 part warning system.
If rules are being broken, our members will receive a warning. If they persist then they will receive a punishment depending on the number of times they’ve been warned!

1) You will receive a verbal warning. You will get a pm from a council+ in game to try to stop you from breaking any rules.
2) If you do not stop after the first warning, you will then receive a kick/temp ban from our clan chat as a short term punishment.
3) If you continue to break the rules you will receive a temp ban from our offsite forums.
4) If you still do not stop you will then be considered an “Ash” of a once bright flame. (You’ll be banned permanently from the whole clan)!
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